Cretan marine life is incredibly diverse and rich, due to the island’s location in the Mediterranean Sea. The waters surrounding Crete are home to a variety of fish, mollusks, crustaceans, and other marine animals. Find out more in pictures taken at the various dive sites around our diving center!

What to expect in the water

Diver at the Anchors
Hermit crab at the wrecks
Entrance of the Triton Cave
Grouper at Kamini
Spirograph at the Deep Wreck
The engine of German Junker 88 at Pleora
Squid at the House Reef
Nudibranch in Kamini, a Cretan Marine Life treasure
Spirograph at the Anchors
Grouper in Sminera
Anemone at the Deep Wreck
Octopus hiding in the House Reef
Lionfish at the Wrecks
Hermit crab in Pleora
Nudibranch at the Deep Wreck
Cowry shell at Pleora
Spirograph at the Cave
Anemone at the Deep Wreck
Giant Triton at the House Reef during a night dive
Nudibranch at the Deep Wreck
Fishes at the Anchors
Red Goatfish at Pseira
Spirograph at Seagull Island
Octopus in the House Reef during a night dive
Fangtooth moray eel at Pleora
Triggerfish at the Wrecks
Squirrelfish in Kamini
Baby grouper at Ksopetres
Barracuda at Seagull Island
Nudibranch at Pseira
Moray eel at Sminera

What to expect outside the water

The view from the dive center with our big boat “Minoas”
The house reef anchor
Happy divers surfacing in our crystal clear water
Finishing the dive at Explosion dive site
Getting ready to jump in the water from our small boat “Nearchos”
Divers listening carefully to the briefing on the way to the dive site
Night dive view from the shore
Leaving for a boat dive
Ready to get wet and salty
Sunset at Candia Beach
Getting ready for a night dive

Looking forward to diving Crete? Take a glimpse of what you could experience!

Mediterranean View Diving Center is located in Candia Park Village next to the beautiful city of Agios Nikolaos in Crete, Greece, where groupers can be found!

Sand sometimes sounds boring but if you look carefully, you will find some amazing things! Including some fishes hiding just there, try to spot the eyes first!

What to expect under there is the question people who stop by the dive center always ask. Jump with us and have a look! Now let’s play a game, did you spot the Spanish dancer?!

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